Garza and Shields on the block?

By Unknown author

The trade rumors and dealings will be happening very soon and so far two names keep appearing on everyone’s want list, Matt Garza and James Shields. Both are young, durable arms that can win a team at least 15 games in a season (less for Shields). So which teams are already targeting these two pitchers and what might they have to give up in order to acquire them?

The Washington Nationals are not being shy that they want Matt Garza and will be very active during the trade deadline. They want Cliff Lee, but if they are unable to sign him, they will make a move to help the starting rotation that is without stud Stephen Strasburg. Garza would be a nice addition to their rotation and could make a great impact with them. Nationals will probably not give up talented infielders Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa, they covet these players too much and the Rays do not need more infielders unless Bartlett is moved. They also have Derek Norris (catcher) that could be a target and the Rays could use his depth as well. There is no way the Rays will be able to get Bryce Harper, so this trade may or may not happen, the Nationals are very limited on prospects.

The Colorado Rockies are another team that is looking for pitching and James Shields is on their wish list. They may not be able to re-sign Jorge De La Rosa back, so they would need a veteran starter because the Rockies are still a contending team and need to keep at the same level or upgrade, not fall back in the NL West. Shields would give them a veteran, yet young arm to the staff and with the offense behind him, would be able to get some wins for the club. But who will they deal to the Rays and do the Rays want another NL bat in the lineup? Brad Hawpe failed and we all know the story of Pat Burrell. If they offered Troy Tulowitzki, the Rays would go for it, but there is no way on this planet they would ever trade him.

The Rays will be active, they are very upfront about that and these names continue to float around, along with Bartlett and others. Who will make the first move, how aggressive will the Rays be, and how much are the Rays asking for will be the key questions as the rumors continue to swell. Stay tuned to Rayhawk Review, we will bring you the latest trades and transactions for the Rays!