Pena targeted by the Nationals?

By Unknown author

Free agency is beginning to heat up and as always, Rayhawk Review will keep track of the former Ray free agents (Crawford, Pena, Soriano, etc. and where they end up) and what moves the Rays make. There are two rumors that are swirling right now, one is Carlos Pena is being targeted by the Nationals and Vladimir Guerrero might be a Rays target (crazy, but just here me out).

The Nationals may not be able to resign their big bat Adam Dunn and would need a replacement at first. Pena will be within their budget and would play every day at first. The question is, will the Nationals offer him the money he wants due to his age and lack of performance. I still see Pena returning to the Rays, but this is very interesting to note. The other team that had been mentioned was Oakland, but now another club is looking at the Rays former slugger.

The other story (via ESPN rumors) is the Rangers declining their option on veteran slugger Vlad Guerrero. Vlad is a free swinging slugger that had a solid season this year and was a nightmare against the Rays. He is older now and has had knee issues, but would be a perfect candidate for DH. Now the question is, how much is Vlad asking for? The Rays are very limited and if Vlad wants big money, he won’t be an option at this point. Also take into consideration, playing on artificial turf. Vlad has knee issues and running the bases and moving around the Trop might be bad thing for this health.

These are only a few rumors that have been thrown out there. A.J. Pierzynski is another name out there as well (White Sox declined his option as well). Free agency is heating up and the fun is just beginning. Let the rumors continue!