Gregg Zaun wants back?

By Unknown author

The Rays will be active in the off-season as they trade and sign players, but one player that wants to come to the Rays is veteran catcher Gregg Zaun.

The veteran catcher, age 39, has expressed he would like to return to Tampa where he played in 2009 in 28 games, mostly in relief and spot starts. Zaun missed most of the 2010 season with a shoulder injury, but says he will ready for spring training.

Personally, this would be a terrible, terrible moves by the Rays. The Rays have two catchers, Jaso and Po-boy Shoppach, why would they need a third catcher when they have prospects in the minors that could be called up at any time. Zaun is 39, which is extremely old for any baseball player, but especially behind the plate. He doesn’t have a strong arm (shoulder injury as well) and is not a power bat (never was).

The Rays are limited on money as it is and will be hard pressed to sign all the players they want, so they should not waste any salary on an injured, old back-up catcher. Please Friedman and Sternberg, do not make this signing!!