Free agent rumors growing for Benoit and Crawford

By Unknown author

The rumors around the Rays free agents are starting to heat up.

Joaquin Benoit, the Rays great relief pitcher, has several teams looking at him right now. The Phillies and the Red Sox are among the top teams looking to sign him soon. The Phillies would love to sign him to help bolster the bullpen and help Brad Lidge late in games. The Sox want him to go along with Bard and Papelbon. The Rays might be out bid here to resign him, which is a bad sign. ‘

It seems it is coming down to two teams looking at Crawford, the Angels and the Red Sox (again). The Angels are the team that wants CC the most and have the salary to do it. The Sox need an outfielder due to the injury issues and lack of talent they saw last season. Don’t count out the Tigers either, they have the money and the need for a power hitting outfielder as well.

The rumors and talks are only going to heat up as the Winter months continue on, it is going to be a very interesting off season.