Assessing the players: Jake McGee

By Unknown author

The assessments continue as we take a look at Jake McGee, the late addition to the Rays bullpen. McGee came up late in the season for the Rays and never got a chance to make a huge impression. McGee is a hard throwing pitcher that can dominate a strike zone. Let’s take a look at his limited numbers and try to get a better understanding of the Rays new relief pitcher.

McGee pitched a grand total of 5 innings of the relief for the Rays in 2010, so the numbers behind him are very limited. McGee gave up 2 hits and 1 earned run, walked 3 and struck out 6 batters. Opponents only hit .119 against him, but once again these numbers are very limited.

McGee throws very hard, fastball reaching 95 mph at times. He has very good command, but needs to work on his off speed pitches, he tends to try to over-pitch and losses control, leaving the ball on the outside of the plate.

McGee is a former starting pitcher, but after Tommy John surgery in 2009 he moved to the bullpen and has excelled from there. He will be in the mix starting in Spring to join the club coming out of Charlotte and starting the season with the Rays. He is a hard thrower and is ideal coming out of the bullpen. There are some who have even mentioned him as the potential next closer for the Rays, but he is still young and inexperienced. Final grade: C (just not enough innings to get a real assessment of this player).