What I am thankful for this year, Rays style

By Unknown author

Thanksgiving is finally here and as everyone shovels down turkey and watches football, as a Rays fan we do have a few things to be thankful for. It was a winning season, we won the division, and have a bright future with the nucleus of talented youth on the roster. Here are five things I am thankful for this season.

David Price
A stud ace pitcher that throws 98 for 7 innings, anchors the staff, wins nearly 20 games, starts the all-star game and nearly a Cy Young award winner, what more could a fan ask for? Price is an incredible pitcher that helps led a young pitching staff and dominates every time he takes the mound.

The Farm System
What would the Rays be without their farm system? It is responsible for players like Hellickson, Jennings, McGee, Longoria, Crawford, Niemann, Davis, Brignac, and the list goes on. The Rays have even more youth and talent coming up in the system as well that will help keep the Rays young, fast, and one of the most explosive teams around for years to come.

Evan Longoria
Be very thankful we have an All-star hitting, Gold glove third baseman. Longoria is the heart of the lineup and helps field the defense at one of the toughest positions. Longoria is the face of the franchise and helps lead the team. The Rays will need him to have an even bigger season next year with the loss of Crawford.

Signing Benoit
The Rays bullpen lost Howell and had some of the worst pitching around (say hello to Wheeler, Choate, Qualls, Cormier). Benoit was a low risk signing, but still a risk. But once he joined the staff, he threw everyone away and should have been an all-star. He is a Tiger now, but he was incredible for the Rays and helped win many games for us.

Winning the division
So the playoffs were not exactly what everyone wanted, but winning the division and beating out the overpaid Yankees and seeing the Red Sox watch from home was fun. The Rays are going into a very uncertain year next season, so we need to look at the division banners hanging up and enjoy them now while we can.

So what are you thankful for this year?