Shopping list for Black Friday

By Unknown author

Like many, after you awaken from your turkey induced coma, it is time to battle the crowds and wake up at ungodly times in the morning to shop on Black Friday. The Rays have a very large shopping list this off season, but let’s look at a few things they need right away and must battle the crowds to find the best deals.

A closer
Sadly Soriano is going somewhere else which means the Rays need someone to lock down the 9th inning. If they can’t fulfill that position internally, they might have to venture out in the market and try to either trade or find a very cheap arm that could close games out for the Rays and help the bullpen keep together instead of using a committee style at closing.

Pena may be gone and Dan Johnson was not a power hitter in his time with the Rays. The lineup has speed and on base percentage covered, but where is the power? Longoria needs protection, not a slugger that strikeouts more times than Rickie Henderson stole bases (ouch, sorry Pena). Will the Rays trade for someone or will they look to their minors once more for a bat?

A left fielder
Crawford is gone and there is a huge void left out in left. Desmond Jennings couldn’t hit when he was called up, so is he the answer there or will Joyce/Zobrist take over ? Leslie Anderson could be a choice or Fernando Perez as well, but the Rays are looking at a trade as well for a left fielder that can field and hit.

Bodies in the bullpen
The entire bullpen is gone as of this moment except for Jake McGee and J.P. Howell if he is healthy. Everyone else is eligible for arbitration and it is unclear who will be offered and how will be let go this off season. The Rays need arms down there and have only signed minor league deals so far, no exactly the solid moves the fans would like to see so far.

A new color scheme
A bit off the normal topic, but I am sick of the plaid. Plaid should be reserved for tacky Halloween costumes or frat guy outfits, not the standard for a major league franchise. I am going to get hammered for making this stance, but listening to Maddon’s choice on everything is simply insanity (the man doesn’t make sense half of the time). Can we please never wear plaid again?