Rumors around Pena, Bartlett, and Soriano

By Unknown author

There is a new team that is looking at 1st baseman Carlos Pena, the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are looking for a veteran gold-glove caliber 1st baseman that has some power to their bat and Pena fits the bill. Pena would be a low cost, high reward signing for the Cubs if they actually went out and made the move. The Washington Nationals and the Rays as well are still actively trying to resign him, but a new team could change how the clubs are going about signing him.

Jason Bartlett is still a hot name and the Dodgers signing Juan Uribe today means the Giants need a short stop even more now. Bartlett would fit their system well, he is a solid contact hitter, can drive in runs and move base runners and is still a good glove at the hot corner. The Rays don’t have to move him, but if they hear a good offer, they may make a move before he becomes a free agent.

Rafael Soriano rumors have been limited, but now the Anaheim Angels are now the strong suitor for his pitching. The Angels need a closer and have the salary to sign him. They still want to sign Crawford as well, so it will be interesting to see if they would still have the money to sign him as well.

Grant Balfour has still not signed his arbitration deal, but many feel he will sign the $2 million 1 year contract deal. Players have until midnight tomorrow to sign and accept the arbitration bids by their teams.