Rays decline arbitration

By Unknown author

All of the Ray players have declined arbitration, which means the Rays will have to either sign these players as free agents or they may simply only get a compensation draft pick.

As reported last night, Grant Balfour decline the offer and believes he can get a multi-year deal somewhere. I find this hard to believe. Very few clubs will want to sign an older, middle relief pitcher for a big contract and give up a draft pick, a 1st round pick. Chances are slim that he returns, but it is unsure at this point.

Randy Choate said he almost took the offer, but is looking at other options and would like security with a multi-year deal. There are chances he could return if the price is right, but for now he is exploring other options.

Chad Qualls, Brad Hawpe, Rafael Soriano, Carl Crawford, and Benoit all declined the arbitration offers as expected.