Crawford talking to Boston?

By Unknown author

It makes me sick just thinking about it, but Carl Crawford is reportedly talking with the Boston Red Sox on a possible contract. CC is looking for a rumored 8 year deal worth around 16-18 million per year. The Red Sox are also talking to Jason Werth as well.

Anaheim is still the strong suitor for CC, but don’t count out Detroit or even the Yankees as well.

I am not sure how Crawford will handle left field if he even signs with the Red Sux. The Green Monster is a very strange outfield wall and it creates a short porch in left. Carl is at his best when is open outfields, not playing some strange wall behind him. I don’t believe he will end up in Boston, Anaheim is still the leader in my book.

Most of the big free agents will sign with teams after the Cliff Lee deal goes down, which will probably sometime next week during the Winter meetings.