Possible bats the Rays could add

By Unknown author

There are plenty of rumors swirling all around the Rays right now, but this time it involves additions that could be made to the club.

First is leftfielder Matt Diaz. A former Ray draft pick, Diaz spent last season with the Atlanta Braves. He is a solid hitting outfielder that is above .300 in his career against left handed pitching. His defense is solid enough and he could either platoon with Desmond Jennings or take over the spot. The Phillies are already looking at him and there is a possibility he won’t leave the National League. I am very, very skeptical of National league hitters coming to the AL (Burrell, Hawpe) so this may not be a good idea for the Rays, but he could add some power to the lineup.

Scott Hariston is another name. Hariston played with San Diego last season and he is another veteran outfielder that can play all positions and has power to all fields. The Rays need to add a bat and someone that can play defense as well and Hariston makes sense, but there again is the National League fear. The talk around Hariston is not as strong as it is for Diaz, so the chances are he won’t be a target for the Rays, but you never know what may happen.

The final name and one of the more interesting names is Jack Cust. Cust is a big time bat from the Oakland Athletics. Cust is a power hitter and he has a three swing mentality, home run, walk, or strikeout. His average numbers are low and his defense is simply terrible. He could be a possibility at DH if Dan Johnson plays 1st base, but the Rays are not known for signing a player just to swing, they have to be able to play in the field and this is simply not Cust’s game.

The names seem endless at this point and there are so many rumors and ideas for the Rays roster plans, but we should begin to see things set in motion starting next week with players.