Signings from around the league

By Unknown author

Here are some interesting signings that happened yesterday, they aren’t necessarily about the Rays, but have been tied to them.
The Yankees have come to terms with long time closer Mariano Rivera. The deal is an estimated 2-year, $30 million contract. Rivera had been a free agent and I know there have been some Ray fans out their clamoring that they should go after him somehow, maybe by selling our first born children and making a sacrifice, but this was never going to happen. Rivera will forever be a Yankee, just like Jeter will be.
Fat boy Pat “forgot his bat” Burrell has signed a one-year deal with the world champion Giants. This is not a surprise, he took a pay cut, but at least he is no longer being paid by the Rays to win games for another team.
Finally, Adam Dunn signed a 4-year deal with the Chicago White Sox. Dunn had been rumored as a target for the Rays during the trade deadline, but the cost would have been too great. Now is in Chicago and teamed up with personality and all-around funny guy, Ozzie Guillen. Dunn should have a monster season, either by hitting so many home runs or by striking out every at-bat.