Sox and Yanks making moves

By Unknown author

It is quite for the Rays today but division rivals are making big time moves.

The Red Sox are about to acquire Adrian Gonzalez from the San Diego Padres. Gonzalez, age 28, has long been coveted by the BoSox and today they finally got their wish by trading multiple top prospects to acquire the big left handed bat. Gonzalez is going to sign a big extension reportedly around 8 years and $17 million per year, but they have the deep pockets to do so. I am always wary of signing a National League hitter to be a power bat (Burrell, sigh) but he should have big time numbers with the short field in right field.

Not to be out done, the Yankees are very close to signing Derek Jeter. The deal is about 3 years, but the dollar amount is yet to be decided as of right now. There were talks about the Sox and even the Rays trying to sign the long time Yankee captain, but this was never going to happen. Jeter will die a Yankee and will rejoin the club after being overpaid once again.

So the Rays haven’t made any big time trades or signings, but always good to keep an eye on what our hated division foes are up to.