3 Teams after Pena

By Unknown author

There are 3 teams rumored after Carlos Pena and none of them are the Rays at this point.

The Baltimore Orioles are rumored now to be very interested and in talks with Carlos Pena. Buck Showalter is looking for a veteran leader and some more power to his lineup and Pena would fit the bill.

The Toronto Blue Rays are also talking to Pena. Pena would fit well with there offensive philosophy, hit home runs or die trying. He is a good glove and would help anchor an infield that lacks a veteran leader like Pena at this point.

The Washington Nationals are also looking at Pena. After spending a big stack of coin on Jayson Werth, the Nats are looking for a low cost power bat and starting 1st baseman. Pena could hit in the lineup with Werth and Zimmerman, but the question is how much will it cost to sign Pena?

So the meetings are still going on and chances are very, very high that Pena will not be back with the Rays next season, so get ready to see someone else at 1st baseman and the middle of the lineup next year (hello Dan Johnson).