More rumors from the Winter meetings

By Unknown author

There are some interesting rumors swirling around the Winter meetings.

The Reimold for Bartlett deal appears dead at the moment for the Rays, which is a good thing. Reimold is a bad fit for the Rays and the club can do better than that. They need a better and more reliable bat and some bullpen help instead of a bad glove and minor league frequent hitter.

Brewers seem to be asking about Matt Garza. The Brew crew is busy trying to get more pitching to help their offense win now, so keep an eye on them and any possible moves they may make.

Gary Sheffield, yes, the 42-year old slugger, who lives in Tampa and took last year off would like to play for the Rays. He says he is in great shape and ready to play again. This would be a desperate move to make for the Rays and I would hate to see old man Sheff suit up and try to hit and run on the Astroturf in the Trop.