Pena is a Cub

By Unknown author

It’s official now, Carlos Pena is now a Cub. The veteran slugger has signed with the Chicago Cubs for a 1 year deal worth around $10 million, with an option for a second year.

Pena was the power of the Rays lineup last season, hitting 28 home runs, but he was also the biggest strikeout machine. As he ages, his swing is declining and his ability to keep up with top fastballs is diminishing. Chances are he will have a bounce back season for the Cubs (feasting on NL Central pitching).

That leaves the Rays looking once again for a 1st baseman/DH. They have already signed Dan Johnson to a one year deal, but it is not sure which position he will fill. The Rays will have to sign someone to help fill the void, but the question is for what price.