Initital thoughts on Crawford to Boston

By Unknown author

Well, by now everyone has heard that Carl Crawford has done the unthinkable, he has signed a $142 million dollar deal with the hated Red Sox.

Now for CC, congratulations, he deserves to be paid. He is one of the best players in the league and also a very kind person, so to see him rewarded for all of his hard work is a great thing.

Now for the hate that is brewing in my soul. This is simply terrible, terrible news for the Rays. CC is a terrifying player and now is going to be a key weapon against the Rays next season. CC will either stay in left field or move to center, but with his speed and incredible bat, he will terrorize the Rays for years. Why did CC choose the Sux? Many speculated he would go out to Anaheim with the Angels, but he decided to go to the hated enemy. There is one simply reason, money.

As much as we want players to know rivalries and respect franchises, this is still a business (heard that a billion times by now). The Sux waved enough money in front of him and he signed with them, it is that simple.

I won’t get over this, I am bitter, angry, sad, and all sorts of other 4 letter words I can’t really express on this site, but you get the idea. CC finally got paid for his talent, but it will be at the Rays expense in the very near future.