Assessing the players: Carl Crawford

By Unknown author

This is one of my favorite assessments so far, time to take a look at Carl Crawford. Crawford is a long time Ray and has done everything and set nearly every record for the Rays over his career (sadly he is gone to the hated Red Sox on a huge contract). Crawford did everything for the Rays, from power at the plate, to the speed on the bases, to the incredible glove in left field (his first gold glove this season). Crawford was everything to the Rays, so let’s take a look at the numbers for the greatest player in Rays history.

CC finished the season with a batting average of .307 (only Ray over .300), 9 home runs, 90 RBIs, 110 runs, and 47 stolen bases. He had 184 hits, 46 walks, 104 strikeouts, including an OBP of .356 and a slugging percentage of .495.

CC at the plate is an incredible hitter from the left side of the plate. He is a rare player with power to all areas of the field. He has a very quick swing and a very powerful bat. He is able to battle at the plate as well and is not fooled very often at the plate. He is also a terror on the bases. He is forever creating trouble for the opposing pitchers due to the pressure he puts on them with his constant t moving on the bases. He is a rare combo of power and speed.

Crawford’s defense is simply incredible. He is a sure glove in the outfield, able to battle the catwalks of the Trop and reel everything. He is able to use his great speed to cover a tremendous amount of field as well which helps the Rays starting pitching with his ability. I find it very incredible that he just won his first gold glove this year. He is an incredible talent.

Crawford is now a Red Sox and while everyone is still very upset, remember this analysis is based upon his numbers as a Ray last season, not his free agency decision. CC is the greatest player in Rays history, no one can argue that (Longoria hasn’t been around as long). CC was simply great. Final grade: A+