Rays need a bat, but not this one

By Unknown author

The Rays lost Carlos Pena to the Cubs and now find themselves looking for a new power bat in the lineup.

According to Yahoo.com Sports rumors, 39 year old Jason Giambi is being considered an option for DH. Giambi spent last year with the Rockies where he hit only 9 homeruns and saw his playing time cut due to injury and other hitters around him.

Personally, this is a terrible idea. The Rays are trying to field a young team this season, cut pay costs and remain athletic and rely on the pitching. Bringing in an old bat that is has falling numbers and rising age will not help the team. Coach Maddon and the front office have a plan to develop youth and rely on the farm system, not go out and sign old bats that will probably break down during the middle of the season. I am praying the Rays stay away from this along with Sheffield and Damon as well.