Manny Has Arrived, Damon Next

By Unknown author

Newly acquired slugger Manny Ramirez arrived at Tampa International Airport Sunday night.

I’m sure that after reading that opening line half of you rolled your eyes, while the other half smiled with excitement.  The fact is, I can’t see this as a bad deal for the Rays.  $2M is cheap, at that price if things don’t work out in the Spring they can always cut ties and release him.  I don’t see that happening especially now that he’s here and seems to be in good shape.  Manny seems eager to get to work, for his fourth different club in as many years.   He says he feels great.

“Last year, I weighed like 237.  This year I’m down to 225”

Kind of makes you wonder how much motivation he has heading into the season, you know, after the reported $2M deal.  A far cry from the two-year, $45M deal he just completed with the Dodgers.  The official announcement should come in the days to come.

The other self-proclaimed “idiot” the Rays signed this off-season, Johnny Damon is set to arrive in town this week as well.