Rays Colored Glasses: Chirinos Churning

By Unknown author

In an earlier post I had profiled Robinson Chirinos as a potential sleeper to make the Tampa Bay Rays roster. Through yesterday’s games, (see stats below) it seems difficult to think he won’t make the team out of camp.

Late Note: Chirinos played the hero yet again, nailing a 2 run walk off home run to beat the Carl Crawford-led Boston Red Sox today at Charlotte Sports Park

Chirinos isn’t exactly young for a prospect, but as I had detailed, his renaissance started in 2008, and what he has shown so far is in line with what he has done the past three years. It is possible that the Rays would send him down until the arbitration clock turns forward a year, but he is so out-producing everyone else at the spot that it is likely to make this a tough decision for Joe Maddon and Matt Silverman.

Considering how bad the Rays were at the plate last year, I have to think Chirinos could provide a spark in the lineup to get things rolling early in the season, and at the same time make Kelly Shoppach, who really hasn’t shown much since he came over in the Mitch Talbot trade, little more than insurance. I don’t know how he profiles defensively, but considering that in the game against the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday, between Jaso and Shoppach the Jays stole eight bases compared to getting caught twice.