Rays Colored Glasses: Everyone Loves “Raymirez”

By Unknown author

Google is a blogger’s best friend. I love the stories that roll in from around the web every day. Photo’s aren’t always a blogger’s best friend … we have to be careful not to use something that could get us in trouble. If you or someone you know is attending spring training with a camera and would allow us to use their work for free, please have them contact me at rayhawksblog at gmail dot com.

I posted some stats the other day on how the Rays’ bats were faring so far. Manny Ramirez is doing very well and it seemed like he has fit in. He is even sporting a t-shirt with “Raymirez” on it. Sounds to me like he’s in the groove with Maddon’s clubhouse early and he is liking it. Manny is renowned for his antics; Tampa may be the perfect fit for him.

Seems like Red Sox fans are taking notice as well. Johnny Damon was quoted on MassLive.com as saying Ramirez was “scaring him” because he is swinging a little too good.

Rays fans have to love hearing those words. I know I do. While it’s far-fetched, I have to admit that Kris Dunn’s post earlier today about Manny pounding 39 home runs in his simulated season had me dreaming of post-season, although I wasn’t so happy about the early exit. Still, considering that many have the Rays battling for mediocrity this season a trip to the playoffs would be a huge win, not to mention some serious vindication for us Rays Colored Glasses types.

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