Rays Colored Glasses: Floyd and Konerko help defeat Rays 6-1

By Unknown author

Date: April 10, 2011

A: Chicago White Sox

Attendance: 23,436

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W: Gavin Floyd (1-0) 2.40 ERA

L: Jeff Niemann (0-2) 8.31 ERA


The way the Rays lost this contest was remarkably similar to the way the Rays lost Jeff Niemann’s last start, last Tuesday against the Angels. He struggled early, put the offense in a hole and eventually took the loss. In this game, Joe Maddon did not have as much patience and got Niemann quickly. Andy Sonnanstine came into the game in the third and pitched beautifully the rest of the way, only allowing one run. Could we see Sonnanstine gain his rotation spot back in the near future?

The White Sox put the game out of reach early thanks to some big power. Paul Konerko hit two home runs and Gordan Beckham also homered.

The Rays’ lone run was given to them by Gavin Floyd who otherwise pitched beautifully. In the sixth, with runners on first and third, Johnny Damon attempted a steal a bit too early. Floyd turned around and to try and throw out Damon but his throw was wild, allowing Sam Fuld to score. The only real excitement of the game came that same at bat. Dan Johnson sent a grounder to first which bounced off Konerko’s arm and right to Beckham who threw to Floyd covering. Initially, umpires ruled that Floyd never had control of the ball, but after consulting one another, they ruled that Johnson was out. Joe Maddon came storming out of the dugout and argued vehemently at the change of decision. He was thrown out, but his antics failed to fire up his team.

Players of the Game: Paul Konerko who hit two homers and Gavin Floyd who went eight innings without an earned run.

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