Rays Colored Glasses: Rays and Red Sox postponed

By Unknown author

The final game of the Rays vs. Red Sox series at Fenway Park is postponed due to rain, to no one’s surprise. I live in the Boston area and walking to and from work, it was obvious that it was no day to play baseball.

There has been no makeup date announced as of yet, but tonight’s game will most likely be played on August 15th, right before a two game series at Fenway Park was originally scheduled.

What does the rain out mean? It gives the Rays their only “off day” until April 25th. They were originally scheduled to play 20 straight days, so this will allow them to get a bit of a breather before they face the Twins tomorrow night.

In terms of this series, when this game is made up, these two teams will most likely be completely different. The Rays were playing the Red Sox at a perfect time. They were the only team that was playing worse or as bad as the Rays were. The Rays took the first two, so a sweep wasn’t out of the question. By August, the Red Sox could be playing with much more confidence. However, the Rays will no doubt be very different by August. Evan Longoria should be back with the team. The Rays could be in a position, by that point, to bring up some of their prospects like Desmond Jennings and Robinson Chirinos. Who knows how the bullpen will shake out by then, but J.P. Howell will be back as well.

Overall, I would say this postponement has come at a bad time. The Rays had an excellent chance to kick the Red Sox while they were down, while giving a division rival a chance to have a few days to sit back and breathe after a really bad start.