Rays Colored Glasses: Baseball Experts? Really?

By Unknown author

In response to this article by Tony DeMarco on NBCSports…

Wow…this guy needs to turn in his “Baseball Expert” card and go to the back of the bus. Really Tony DeMarco? Casting ballots for the last 12 years doesn’t impress me. It shows you’ve earned your props with the sportswriter community, but you give it all back and then some when you say inane things like “Left-hander Matt Moore is their top pitching prospect, and the three players obtained in the Garza trade — right-hander Chris Archer, catcher Robinson Chirinos and shortstop Hak-Ju Lee — all are expected to make big-league contributions as early as 2012.”

Tony…see, there’s this other “piece” that the Rays acquired in that trade. Short jewish kid, goes by the name of Fuld? Maybe you’ve heard of him? I guess as a “baseball expert” you kinda forgot he was a part of the deal that sent Garza to the Cubs. While I can’t say in the long run how that will work, Garza doesn’t seem to be too happy at the moment. Fuld on the other hand is surprising the baseball world. I can honestly say it doesn’t surprise me. But then I am always looking through my Rays Colored Glasses…

Here is another gem…”The Rays haven’t been as successful in recent drafts as when they consistently picked at or near the top of the first round. But they still have one of the game’s top-five farm systems. Jeremy Hellickson could emerge as a strong 2011 AL Rookie of the Year candidate, and Jake McGee should become a key bullpen member.”

Evaluating talent is even more critical than getting high draft picks. Ask the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have garbage bins full of picks that went bad. But he goes on to mention Matt Moore, who the Rays took in the eight round of the 2007 draft…not at the top … heck not even in the first five rounds.

The logic is just…well…illogical.

Here’s the thing. Mr. DeMarco may be right when the dust settles. And I’m ok with people not being believers in the Rays. Logic again…prevailing wisdom…call it what you want it…not believing is the easy way most prefer to look at things. That’s what we at Rays Colored Glasses are here for…to give a different view, a different more positive perspective. But when hashing over something that has been stated ad nauseum for months, do it with some class. Actually say things that make sense. Don’t tell me in one breath that the Rays haven’t done so well lately in the draft, then in the same breath tell me Matt Moore, he of the eighth round mind you, is the top prospect. And whilst you think that could mean little, in the Rays farm organization it still means a lot when you consider Moore led all the minor leagues in strike outs the last two years in a row.

Put that in your pipe, blunt or rolling papers and smoke it Mr. DeMarco.