K-Rod to the Rays?

By Unknown author

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Mets’ Francisco Rodriguez would consider accepting a trade to the Rays, among other teams. Of course, the questions remain, whether the Rays would actually do the deal and if so what would his role be?

The Rays’ bullpen has been a bit shaky lately. Maddon hasn’t seemed to trust guys like Adam Russell and Cesar Ramos in important situations, so he has had to go to Joel Peralta too much. That hasn’t worked out all that well lately. Peralta has had a few days off now, so look for him to bounce back. K-Rod and his 3.25 ERA on the season would definitely help out the bullpen.

Rodriguez has an $17.5 million option that will vest in 2012 if he finishes 55 games in 2011. He has finished 28 so far. The Rays definitely do not want to be on the hook for that money next year. It makes perfect sense then, that if the Rays do acquire Rodriguez, he would become their setup man at least until Farnsworth proves that he can’t do it anymore.

Personally, though, I’d rather the Rays pursue someone like shortstop Jose Reyes. He would be a better value for the prospects  that the Rays would have to give up and fills a much more obvious need.