Why Watch? For Sam Fuld Of Course!

By Unknown author

I’m getting older and thus, the Home Run Derby has lost some of its luster for me. Sure, I enjoy the occasional titanic blast as well as anyone else. I was in awe of Mark McGwire‘s moonshots over the Green Monster at Fenway in 1999 and Sammy Sosa‘s parade of 500 foot bombs at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

As the event has gone on, it seems like it’s gotten too scientific. Hitters just used to wail away at almost every pitch, so there was a good pace to the event, but as time went on and players learned how to pace themselves, the event has looked more and more like batting practice. Bobby Abreu hit a staggering 41 homers in 2005. While the number was impressive, the show was not.

So, tonight I’ll not be tuning into ESPN to watch AL East take on the NL Central and Matt Kemp, but instead I’ll be watching Sam Fuld make his broadcasting debut for the World Wide Leader. Who would of thought back in January when Fuld was just a throw in for the trade that netted the Cubs Matt Garza that he would make it to the Home Run Derby. Sadly, he will not be participating. We all know that if he were given the chance, he’d find a way to win it. Super Sam has shown surprising power (well, more power than expected) with three dingers already. Granted, they would have to wrap around the right field pole, but all homers count.