At least we know Shields won’t be a Yankee

By Unknown author

Apparently the Yankees were asking about James Shields’ availability, and were informed he is not available. I can’t imagine the Rays would deal with the Yankees or the Red Sox for Shields, not unless they were getting a couple Major League ready Silver Sluggers and Gold glovers in return.

Did the Yankees think maybe the Rays front office considered the season over and would actually give Shields to the team they are chasing? This makes me laugh on so many levels, but I also have to wonder what “unavailable” means. Have the Rays made a deal with another team? Or is that just baseball speak for, “sorry New York, you might think money can buy everything, but you’re not getting Shields”?

Matt Garza going to the Cubs last year I could stomach, but the thought of Shields leaving sends a cold trickle of fear down my spine for the rest of the season. At least he won’t be wearing pinstripes.

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