Featuring the Fan Debut – @Nossyn


Last week, I asked a random question on Twitter. Cyndi K. Harrington responded right away and I had an idea. After discussing it with Jonathan Bohall, we decided to add a feature here at Rays Colored Glasses called, “Featuring the Fan”. This will be a way for you, the Rays fan, to let your voice be heard in the form of a Twitter interview.

I approached Cyndi, asking her if she’d like to be the first and she agreed. We continued our discussion in direct messages on Twitter. If you would like to have a chance to be featured, just give the writers a follow! I can be found @Raynaadi, Jonathan @Jonathan_Bohall and Ben Ice @Ben_Ice. Be on the look out for questions and if you answer, you could be featured on our site. Sound like fun?

Here is the first interview, beginning with the random question I asked which sparked the idea:

Randi: Just curious, am I the only baseball fan who dislikes the trade deadline? Maybe not so much the deadline, but the rumors. It’s scary. ?

Cyndi: raising hand here. scary stuff.

Randi: Especially rumors about Johnny {Damon}, ugh. Or Farnsy {Kyle Farnsworth}? Ugh ugh.

Cyndi: I don’t claim 2 even remotely understand trading, free agent blah blah. all I know is it never makes any sense. losing best players. I just love the game.

I hate change of any kind but in baseball I know it’s needed at times. Other times I just don’t get it.

Randi: Does change in baseball effect you more because of how much the game means to you? Does the thought of BJ {Upton} or Kyle leaving make it feel like the whole team will change?

Cyndi: I hate change period but in baseball I get so fond of ‘my’ team that I just hate to see them go. Unless they get in such a slump that they hurt the team more than they help on a regular basis. An example would be poor Briggy {Reid Brignac}. I hate to see him go but he is not recovering.

BJ is still a benefit to the team. He sometimes seems like his hustle is lacking but he helps more than hurts.

Farnsworth is not consistent enough to get behind him. I feel afraid when he comes up.

Randi: Would it be worth it if the Rays actually landed a power hitter?

Cyndi: Of course, but they tried to say Manny {Ramirez} would do that for us and he didn’t come close. And then he was gone.

Randi: It seems the Rays haven’t had good luck landing the hitters, that’s for sure. I think my biggest fear is losing one of our pitchers, namely {James} Shields, but it looks like that’s been taken off the table.

What kind of move would you like to see, despite the pieces the Rays would have to give up? Offense? Bullpen?

Cyndi: They need offense. Bullpen could use some work but I think mostly they need hitters. To cover for bullpen mistakes lol!

Randi: Haha! So they need that guy who’s gonna be clutch. Is trading BJ worth that or is it too much of a gamble?

Cyndi: I think right now it would be a bad move. Maybe at the end of the season. But right now he’s holding his own.

Randi: Who would mean the most change for you, BJ or Johnny?

Cyndi: Leaving? I’d say Johnny.

Randi: Really? I thought you’d say BJ since he’s been a Ray so long. So you really don’t want to see Johnny go?

Cyndi: No there’s just something about him. When a fire gets lit under him he’s gonna be amazing. I just feel it.

Randi: There is something about him, for sure. It’s something I can’t quite name, but he’s been a comfort to me.

Cyndi: There ya go! Apparently it isn’t just us either. No one ever argues like they do about Shop {Kelly Shoppach} and {John} Jaso and even Kotch. {Casey Kotchman}

Randi: That’s a really good point. With all the talk about fans, trading Johnny could be a terrible move, yeah?

Cyndi: Yeah Johnny definitely should stay!

Randi: So since we never know what crazy move might come from the front office, I want to ask you one last question.

If a totally unexpected, out of left field trade were to happen, what player would be a total gut punch and make you almost want to “quit” the team?

Cyndi: Wow, I think I would say Kotch or {David} Price. I just love those guys. And then there’s Evan {Longoria}. One of those would really freak me out. Not quit though.

Spoken like a true fan! Thank you so much for doing the first interview with me! This was really fun. ?