After All of That, Nothing Happens

By Unknown author

The trade deadline has come and gone and the Rays are in tact. B.J. Upton, James Shields, Kyle Farnsworth, Joel Peralta and Casey Kotchman are still on the team. I enjoy the trade deadline, but I think these days we’re inundated with too much information. One tweet or news story will say that Upton with be trade. The next tweet or news story has Joe Maddon saying  he doesn’t believe a trade will happen. Even crazier, after Hunter Pence was traded to the Astros, everyone “in the know” was speculating Upton would go to Atlanta. A short time later, Michael Bourn was sent to the Braves. After a while, I just want to say, “Wake me up when this deadline is over!” Yet, I constantly check and to keep up with all the news.

I’m also glad to say that the Red Sox and Yankees did not complete any major trades. In fact, the Yankees did nothing and weren’t even involved in that many rumors. They were looking for a starting pitcher and the Astros were dangling Wandy Rodriguez, but nothing came together. The Red Sox made a minor deal yesterday by bring in Mike Aviles from the Royals. They needed a starting pitcher and after Ubaldo Jimenez went to the Indians, there wasn’t much left out there. Reportedly, they had a deal in place to get Rich Harden, but that fell through when the Red Sox saw his medical report. Instead, they went after Erik Bedard. If the rumors are true, I can’t wait for him to get into a Red Sox uniform after seeing the way the Rays torched him for five earned runs in 1.1 innings on Friday night. It’s too bad for the Yankees and Red Sox  that some of the best available starting pitchers belong  to a team that won’t trade with them.

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