Brignac Back, Price Ecstatic

By Unknown author

Reid Brignac joins the big club again today as Justin Ruggiano is put on the DL with left knee bursitis, Marc Topkin reported this morning.

“In 11 games at Durham, Brignac hit .231, though he did have more walks, 7, than strikeouts, 6.” – Marc Topkin

I’m sure Rays fans will be pulling for Brignac to stay with the club. I’m happy to have “Briggy Baseball” back, especially his glove at short stop. Perhaps the most important reaction however? David Price was ecstatic on Twitter this morning:

“YYYEEESSSSSS!!! yesssssss yesssssss yesssssss yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

I thought maybe he was just really happy to be awake, but in response to a fan asking what he was so excited about, he had this to say:

@reidbrignac is back!!!!!! What uuupppppp”

I love how excited these guys get about each other. Their relationships with one another is part of what makes this team so exciting. Brignac will be getting a huge welcome today, for sure. Glad you’re back, Briggy!

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