My Heart Skipped a Beat

By Unknown author

When that screaming line drive off the bat of Mike Aviles ricocheted off the chest of David Price, you could hear a collective gasp from the Rays fan base. Evan Longoria managed to grab the deflection and throw out Aviles at first. Price stayed in to finish the third inning and actually pitched the fourth before leaving the game.

It looks like Price is going to be fine. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further examination and was released to rejoin the team. The Rays will surely be cautious, but with his next start not until Friday,

he should be good to go. Thinking about a possible Price injury had me wondering, who could they least afford to lose as they close the season?

Longoria has been big as the games have gotten bigger. Desmond Jennings has been a much needed spark since he was called up from Durham. Casey Kotchman has been the Rays most consistent hitter throughout the season. Surely James Shields would get some consideration. Any player with the nickname “Big Game” has to get a mention. Then, you think about David Price. He has been solid for the Rays all year. He has not lost a game at Fenway or at Yankees stadium. He is 4-2 against the Red Sox and the Yankees for the season.

Taking the position players out of the equation and it comes down to the pillars of the Rays young pitching staff. Both have been consistent performers this year. Both give the Rays a chance to win basically every time they take the mound. Joe Soriano, from the Fansided site Call to the Pen, took an in-depth look at who has been the Rays best pitcher this year. I would have to lean towards Shields being the more important pitcher right now. I can say, though, that I was relieved when after the game the Rays did not seem to think Price was seriously injured, after the shot he took today.

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