James Shields Trade Rumors Heating Up

By Unknown author

We’re not even technically into the offseason yet but the James Shields trade rumors are already heating up. It wouldn’t surprise me if by the winter meetings we are hearing a new rumor a day related to Shields. Mix that with BJ Upton’s high chances of being traded and the Rays could find themselves in the news a lot this offseason.

One of the more interesting trade rumors we are hearing is James Shields to the Marlins for Logan Morrison. The Marlins could use a solid arm behind Josh Johnson and are looking to make a run at the NL East in their first season in their new stadium. Lo-Mo has also kind of wore out his welcome in Miami. His constant Twittering has gotten him in a bit of trouble with the Marlins. I think a change of scenery could be beneficial for Morrison.

Joe Maddon could certainly reign Morrison in a bit. Joe doesn’t mind his players using Twitter. Just look at David Price. He is one of the more prolific Twitterers in baseball, behind Morrison, of course. Morrison has been known to say some controversial things in his 140 characters, so if we can get him to stop doing that, I don’t think he would have any issues with the Rays.

As a player, Morrison could certainly help the Rays. BJ Upton would have to be traded first to open up a corner outfield spot for him, but that certainly isn’t a stretch. Morrison is still developing at 24 and has a chance to become an amazing Major League hitter. Last season he showed he has power, hitting 23 homers while batting .247 while only playing in 123 games. In 2010 he showed he can hit for average, going .283 with only 2 homers in 100 games. If we can mix those two seasons together the Rays would have themselves a good bat for the middle of the order.

I would equate this trade to similar to the Matt Joyce trade, but on a greater scale. Morrison is a young outfielder who is still a bit of a question mark but he has a ton of upside. It wouldn’t be straight up trade, though, as the Marlins would have to throw in a prospect or two to make this trade even.

The Rays certainly have plenty of options for Shields, but Shields to Miami for Lo-Mo is certainly one of the more appealing ones.