Trade Target: Gaby Sanchez

By Unknown author

As many of you already know, the newly renamed Miami Marlins are heavily pursuing a few of the biggest superstar free agents this offseason. One of which is Albert Pujols. If the Marlins do indeed sign Pujols, they will have to find something to do with their current first baseman, Gaby Sanchez. It has been rumored that if they do sign Pujols, they would be willing to part with him via trade. The Rays could strongly pursue Sanchez as their first baseman.

Sanchez, in my opinion, would be a great fit for the Rays. About as good of a fit as bingo games online when you want to have a little fun. He is still young at 28 and has emerged as a good hitter. He batted .266 with 19 homers and a .352 OBP last season and similar numbers in 2010. He also is a good defender, with only 5 errors all of last season. He could work for the Rays, as they are in need of a solid everyday first baseman.

Sanchez will have some good value, so it could take a good package to get him. The Marlins have maintained their interest in James Shields, so they could go after him in any trade for Sanchez. In my opinion each team would have to throw in a prospect or two to make that trade fair. Sanchez is good, but not James Shields good. The Rays also could try to put together a package of prospects centered around a guy like Wade Davis or Alex Torres. The Marlins need rotation help and could go for a deal like that, especially if the Rays throw in one or two good prospects with them.

The Rays certainly have the depth to go after a guy like Gaby Sanchez, but the Marlins willingness to trade him revolves around Albert Pujols. If Pujols takes his talents to Miami you could see the Rays make a strong bid for Gaby Sanchez.