ESPN Gives Rays Some Love; Olney Ranks Rays First

By Unknown author

A new year for the Rays means we can look ahead to what could be one of the biggest years in Rays history. The year starts out with a bang today, with Buster Olney releasing his New Year’s power rankings. Olney ranked the Rays tops, based mainly on their starting rotation. He says that the Rays lineup still has questions, as we all know, but their rotation is good enough to make up for their questionable lineup.

We all know the Rays rotation has a chance to be one of the best in history. The Rays have three or four pitchers that could be a number one starter on many teams, and if not one, a very close second. James Shields, David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, and Matt Moore can all be aces for some teams. Add in Wade Davis, Jeff Niemann, or Alex Cobb and the Rays have a starting five that closely rivals the Phillies or the Angels.

The Rays lineup has holes at first and DH and could still use a backstop, but overall the Rays have enough offense to hold up the rotation if the season were to start today. The Rays still have some chances to acquire some offense, whether it be a trade for Anthony Rizzo, Mark Trumbo, or Kendrys Morales, or a signing of Carlos Pena. There are also some DH options still out there, like re-signing Johnny Damon or signing Vladimir Guerrero or Jonny Gomes.

If Buster Olney ranked the Rays as the best team in baseball now, I can only imagine how good the Rays will be if they sign another offensive piece or two. Rays fans have a lot to be excited for in the upcoming season, and Olney’s piece only reassures that.