Around the Twitterverse: Pena and more from The Master

By Unknown author

It’s time for this week’s edition of Around the Twitterverse. This week your favorite Rays players were talking about the Carlos Pena signing and, as always, David Price was at it again. This week’s best tweets after the jump.

First, let’s start off with some tweets on the biggest news of the week, the Carlos Pena signing:

Only great things can be said about the addition of Carlos Pena to the team. Hopefully his addition to the lineup will be as big as his clubhouse prowess. Watch out David- Longo’s dogs may be coming after Astro as the Rays top pooches:

What does BJ Upton do with his offseason time? Play golf of course:

Finally, some more from the Rays master of Twitter, David Price. He’s starting to get the itch all of us Rays fans have had since the last pitch of the ALDS:

That’s all I have this week from Around the Twitterverse. Log on next week for more tweets from your favorite Rays players.