Carlos Pena Is Thankful for His Mom, and So Should You


Carlos Pena’s parents were working professionals in the Dominican Republic when he was growing up. Despite their comfortable life, they decided to pack up all of their belongings and move their six kids to Haverhill, Massachusetts when Carlos was 14 years old.

His mother Mery went from being an accountant and a teacher in Santo Domingo to working at a nursing home and doing part time housekeeping. Pena says his mom switched to a lesser job “gracefully and respectfully — she worked really hard.”

The first baseman goes on to say, “I have a lot of her in me — a lot… She sees the best in people. She’s very calm, always happy and she’s very laid back. She gets along well with everybody. She’s very easy to like, a very special woman.” Sure sounds like Carlos took after his mom.

We could all be a little more like Pena, who speaks openly about his love for his mother and all she has done for him. So no matter what you do today, make sure you at least tell your mother ‘thank you’ for everything she has done for you, and honor her in a way that would make her happy.