Rays Day 2 Draft Targets

By Robbie Knopf

After failing to name the Rays’ first round selection yesterday (I wasn’t sure whether to put in Piscotty or Shaffer’s name here and I incorrectly chose Piscotty), here is my attempt today.

Alex Bregman (2B/C)- Catcher/second baseman with great bat speed and character. Could be a tough sign from LSU. Talked about him here.

C.J. Saylor (C)- Catcher with ridiculous defense. Could be a middle round pick. See the link by Bregman.

Daniel Garner (C)- Catching prospect I interviewed here. Has several Rays connections. Toolsy catching prospect with the upside the Rays love.

C.J. Hinojosa (SS)– Good bat with smooth defense and versatility. Nice fit ough sign from a Texas commitment.

Clate Thomas (RHP/SS)- Pitcher with big-time stuff but mechanical issues. Also has some potential at shortstop. Signability an issue again. Talked about him here.

Chris Taylor (SS)- Finally a college guy here, out of Virginia. Good defense, hustle, questionable offense. Talked about him here but his stock has dipped considerably since.

Carson Kelly (3B/RHP)- Power, good actions at third base, solid ability on the mound. Signability a question again. Talked about him here.

Matt Reynolds (INF)- Infielder at Arkansas with versatility, decent hitting ability, great baserunning instincts. Talked about him here.

Nolan Sanburn (RHP)- Arkansas pitcher with big fastball, questionable secondary pitches.Talked about him here.

Hopefully one of these is right. For the links, search the page for the players name to find the scouting report.