Before You Panic…

By Robbie Knopf

The past couple of days have been horrific for the Rays. They have lost by a combined 17 runs to the New York Mets. But before you regard the Rays as the worst team in baseball like they used to be, here are a few reasons to remain calm.

Look at the Rays’ record: they’re 35-27, the 4th best record in the American League. The Rays would make the playoffs if the season ended yesterday as the second wild card team. They are not that bad.

It’s just two games. It doesn’t matter how you lose or how many runs you lose by. The Rays have lost 2 games out of 162 the past two days. They will get back the winning and we’ll forget about these games.

By the way, did you know that there was a two-game stretch earlier this season where the Rays lost by nearly the same amount of runs as they did the past two days? It happened April 13th to 14th at Fenway Park versus the Red Sox as they lost 10-2 and 13-5. What happened next? The Rays won their next game before losing two more in a row, and after that they won 8 of their next 9 games. They were in trouble for a while, and then they turned it around. That is what’s going to happen here. This team has been terrible the past two days. But they will get back on track and return to being a team with the ability to make the playoffs and make a run. Relax, Rays fans.