Rays All-Star Checklist

By Robbie Knopf

Some things for Rays fans to look out for during the All-Star Game tonight.

A Mention of David Price‘s Twitter Account

Some current team compared to the 2008 Rays

The awkward moment when you realize you’re rooting for a Yankee

Someone (at least on Twitter) criticizing Fernando Rodney‘s hat as “gangster”

Footage of R.A. Dickey‘s 1-hitter against the Rays

A so-called expert talking about the Rays as sellers at the trade deadline

James Shields mentioned- but only as a trade option

DP’s dog Astro- in some way or form

A mention of Carl Crawford‘s homer-robbing catch back in 2009 to secure MVP honors

The Rays getting ripped for their stadium situation

A “Let’s Go Rays” chant breaking out- unfortunately, no chance