Tyler Bortnick Understands

By Robbie Knopf

When something happens for the first time in life, there always seems to be an emotional attachment created. In baseball, players can never forget the team that drafted them, the team with which they made their major league debut, the team with which they had their breakout season, and on and on. Tyler Bortnick will never forget being drafted by the Rays and coming up the ranks in their system. But somehow he understood something that anyone else would struggle to fathom.

"”I kind of take it day by day. The Rays have one of the best minor-league systems in the major leagues. There is a lot of talent. It’s a business, and it’s difficult to get to the major leagues. The way I look at it, I play for all 30 teams in the league. You’re being watched every day. Maybe I’ll play for the Rays one day, maybe I won’t. I feel like I’ll get noticed by someone. The way you go about your business, people notice that. In the end, the ultimate goal is to play in the major leagues, whether it’s the team that drafted you or not.”-Bortnick to the Northern Ohio News Herald"

Tyler Bortnick is a blue-collar baseball player who takes nothing for granted and does everything he possibly can to seize each opportunity he gets. The Rays saw that in Bortnick and always appreciated that. But circumstances arose, and Bortnick will not proceed with his career in the Rays organization.

Tyler Bortnick bears no ill will towards the Rays for trading him to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Ryan Roberts. He is grateful to the Rays for giving him an opportunity to be drafted and play professional baseball. He’ll always remember that. But he’s just as thankful to the Rays for giving him an opportunity in another organization that appreciates his talents and that will give him a chance to achieve his dream of playing in the major leagues. Best of luck to Tyler as he continues to move forward on his journey.