Matt Moore Loses Miami Dolphins’ Quarterback Job

By Robbie Knopf

Despite his great pitching of late, including a 5-1 record and a 1.64 ERA in his last 7 starts, Matt Moore has lost the Dolphins’ quarterback competition to Ryan Tannehill and will be the backup quarterback to start the season. Moore had this to say:

"“Nothing I can do, man. All I can do is go out there and give the best I can every start out.”"

Moore played well for the Dolphins in 2011, posting just a 6-6 record as a starter but going 210 of 347, a 60.5% completion percentage, for 2497 yards and 16 touchdowns against 9 interceptions. He also rushed for 2 touchdowns, although he led the NFL with 14 fumbles, which is also tied for the 41st-highest in NFL history. Moore had this to say after last season on leading the league in fumbles.

"Being tied with legends like John Elway, Brett Favre, and Tim Tebow, it’s a real honor and it really humbles me to be mentioned in the same breath as those guys."

When asked about whether playing both baseball and football is too much for him to handle, Moore looked surprised.

"What are you guys talking about? It’s all the same, man. You know, in both sports you’re throwing and you have to depend on your receivers to catch the ball. In both sports it’s all about throwing, and defense, and running, and you should see the audibles that we run on defense here in Tampa Bay. There’s tons of movement on defense before the pitch and shifting to plug up holes and really it’s the same. Even, you know, getting hit, let me tell you. One time I was covering first base on a ground ball to Carlos Pena and I caught the ball for the out and then the runner ran into me. I almost lost my balance."

The consensus has been that Moore doesn’t had a very good training camp for the Dolphins. Moore said that he understood that.

"I thought that I was playing pretty well. But then, you know, I had to start every 5th day, so I couldn’t go to camp that day, and then I could go to camp the next day, but I couldn’t really throw because my arm was tired, and then I had a side session the day after that and only had a few minutes to practice, and the next day, you know, it’s the day before I start and I had to take that day off, and then the day after that I had to start again. I didn’t really practice as much as I would have liked."

Asked what he thought about the new starting quarterback Tannehill, Moore said this to reporters:

"“The guy has got the talent to be in the league. He obviously understands the game very well. He’s capable of being a starting quarterback in the NFL. There’s no doubt about that. And he works his butt off. So he’s got everything you want…. Me, you all know I’m great, but it’s hard for me to put in the effort. Ryan works a lot harder than me, you know going to two-a-days every day and actually throwing the ball. I throw the ball too, but it’s usually a baseball, and I don’t know why, but the Dolphins never really liked that. Anyway, congrats to Ryan and now that I’m the backup, I can dedicate my attention to baseball a little more.”"