Keeping Up With Another Crazy September

By Jenna West

The Rays celebrate after clinching the 2011 AL Wild Card. Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

If you saw my desk today, it looks like what you might expect any college student’s desk would with sticky notes posted everywhere, laptop open, and papers scattered about. But while most students’ disorganization is caused by thoughts of looming homework assignments and due dates, mine is caused by one simple thing: September baseball.

You baseball fans know the month of September is anything but simple, especially being Rays fans. Last year, the Rays were on a hot streak by this date in September with 11 wins and 7 losses, keeping postseason wishes alive. The month was excitingly anguishing as everyone waited for the Red Sox to crumble after being 8 1/2 games ahead of the Rays at the start of the month but still unsure if the Rays would squeeze into the Wild Card slot. I was one of those fans pacing back and forth during games with sweaty palms and a rapid heart beat.

To add to my crazy obsession, I started writing down the AL East standings on a sticky note everyday. As I taped the notes to the wall above my desk, my side of the dorm room began to look like lime green sticky notes were overtaking it. As the line of notes grew longer, and the number of games won for the Rays to clinch the Wild Card grew shorter, my insanity only doubled. Nothing but Rays baseball was on my mind.

This September, the only thing on my mind is the stark contrast between the final month of this season and last season. My sticky notes for this September are looking more dismal each day, but last night’s 13-3 victory over Boston offers a glimmer of hope. Despite the win, their record this month forces me to accept that it might be the last month of Rays baseball in 2012.

But, there is still just enough time for them to pull out an exceptional September finale, considering they are only 5 1/2 games back in the AL Wild Card standings with 13 games left to play in the season. However, October will soon be forgotten if no exceptional finale occurs, but at least my sticky notes will always remind me to hang in there for one more crazy September.