An Apology

By Robbie Knopf

I recently wrote an article that caused a lot of anger. I have been rightfully criticized for the piece and so in its place, I am leaving this apology and clarification. I have removed the piece because it was hurtful to many that read it.

As a young writer, I made a series of mistakes in my recent article about pitcher Josh Lueke. I touched on a very sensitive topic in his arrest for rape, and how it all relates to his future in major league baseball. As a writer, it is my responsibility to clearly present my thoughts and analysis to the reader. Unfortunately, I was careless in my usage of several words and phrases, which caused the article to take on a tone I did not intend.

I don’t condone rape — it’s among the most heinous crimes a person could possibly commit — and I absolutely do not approve of what Josh Lueke did. Just because he pled it down to a lesser charge does not mean he should not continue to be judged in the court of public opinion.

Even if he’s attracting attention in Rays camp, what Josh Lueke did is unqualifiedly terrible and I can’t watch him pitch without asking myself endlessly how in the world this guy is getting another chance. I wondered if in the minds of fans, would Lueke’s sins begin to fade if he continued to pitch well? I hoped to explore that but I did a poor job of doing so.

In exploring this issue, I did not exhibit nearly enough care, talking far too much about baseball and far too little about consequences. It is entirely my fault that the article took the tone that it did.

We can’t pretend that Josh Lueke doesn’t exist. He has been pitching well at Rays camp and that is why I decided to write about him. I think this situation, in which athletes are sometimes given second chances by fans simply because they are good at playing sports, is worth exploring. I wish I had done a better job of doing so. I especially am regretful that my lack of clarity made it seem as if I count myself among those that would willingly push aside the reality of what Lueke has done, for my enjoyment of baseball.

I apologize for any hurt or anger I caused my readers. As I continue to develop as a writer, I will do my best to avoid such missteps in the future. Myself, the staff here at Rays Colored Glasses and the editorial team at FanSided have decided to pull the original post. We won’t continue to stand behind an article that is causing so much distress and clearly misrepresents the opinions of myself as a writer, this site’s staff and FanSided as a company.