Game 7: Blown Call Heard ‘Round the World Leaves Rays Infuriated

By Robbie Knopf

You can watch it for the next six hours- you’ll never have the slightest idea how this could possibly be a strike.

Here’s the link:

The NCAA National Basketball Championship Game was coming right down to the wire. And of course, these are the Rays we’re talking about here! But it didn’t matter. It was the worst call to end a game that anyone had ever seen. Joe Maddon summed it up best in a tweet that will undoubtedly get him fined.

Evan Longoria was going to be coming to the plate with the tying run at second base. Instead, the Rays lost, just like that, in a fashion that left everyone wondering how in the world a call like that could possibly happen. You can keep glaring at that GIF trying to make sense of what umpire Marty Foster was possibly thinking, but you’ll never understand. How can something like this happen?

The actual recap is here.