Rays Notes: Camouflage Road Trip Gets Team Loose

By Robbie Knopf

Tough series for the Rays versus the Red Sox as they one the opener but lost the next two, losing on Thursday in devastating fashion. How will they rebound? In vintage Rays fashion, a themed road trip.

Nothing like a themed road trip to get the Rays relaxed and back on track. Always fun to see the Rays dressing up in these various costumes, and hopefully the road trip has the desired effect. For Ryan Roberts, though, these themed road trips are in sharp contrast to what he’s used to.

"The Rays players were asked to wear camouflage for this six-game trip. That’s quite a difference from the attire Roberts became accustomed to wearing during his four years with the Arizona Diamondbacks.“We had to wear suits there,’’ Roberts said. “We didn’t always have to wear a tie, but sometimes we did. So yeah, I like this. It’s a nice change. It helps to make it fun for the guys."

The way Joe Maddon runs his ballclub is unlike anything in baseball, but somehow he has found a way to make it work season after season. Rays fans have to hope that Maddon can work his magic again to turn his team around.