Rays Notes: Joe Maddon May Have Started the Replay Process a Year Early

By David Hill

Expanded replay is going to be coming to the majors soon, perhaps as early as next year. However, Joe Maddon may have inadvertently begun the process ahead of schedule.

Matthew Joyce hit what was originally ruled to be a double during Sunday’s game, prompting both Maddon and Baltimore manager Buck Showalter to come out onto the field and argue against the call. Further replay showed that the ball was a home run, but Maddon feels that he may have opened, in his words, a “Pandora’s Box” when it comes to reviewing plays, and admitted that he was wrong with his interpretation of the review process. It will be interesting to see if other managers use the loophole of asking for reviews of ‘home runs’ to make sure that the call is correct.

Speaking of Joyce, he had to leave last night’s game in the sixth inning due to hamstring tightness, but the Rays feel that he will be fine, and considered the move precautionary.

"“He’s fine,” Maddon said after the game. “He’s a little tight in the right hammy. He just came up later, a team-type of situation, where he said, ‘I can’t cover.’ I don’t anticipate anything bad with that, but we had to get him out.”"

Hopefully Joyce will be back today, or miss a game or two at most. He has been swinging a hot bat as of late, batting .333 with two home runs in his last six games.

Both Jamey Wright and Matt Moore have family in Oklahoma, but were fortunate enough to escape the devastation left by the mile wide band of tornadoes that ravaged the area. Wright’s sister lived in that area, but had moved two or three years prior. He detailed their plan of action in the event of an emergency such as what occurred on Monday:

"“My parents [have a shelter], the next-door neighbors have one, my sister has one,” Wright said. “So my dad was out at my sister’s, and my mom was next door. My dad had come home from work, and he went straight to my sister’s house. So they missed my parents and my wife’s parents by two or three miles, almost the same path that it did in ’99. Unfortunately, now there is just so much more in that area, so the destruction will be two or three times worse than it was in ’99.”"

Fortunately, their families were fine, and both Moore and Wright were able to speak to relatives in the area.