Should the Rays be Concerned About the BioGenesis Suspensions?

By David Hill

Recently, it was reported that Major league Baseball may attempt to suspend approximately 20 players in connection with their involvement with the now closed Biogenesis Clinic in the Miami area. Amongst the players named are Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Nelson Cruz. As of this point, none of the mentioned players in the report are members of the Tampa bay Rays.

However, there are still players whose names have yet to be revealed, and have just been referred to by their code names. Is it possible that some of these players could be in the Rays organization? Considering the Rays had seven minor league players get busted for PEDs last season, and the relative closeness of the clinic, it is something to think about.

Again – there is nothing presently linking any member of the Rays to the BioGenesis laboratories. No one in the Rays organization has been named as of this point, and there has yet to be any speculation about anyone on the team thus far. It is, however, still worth speculating on, especially since two other minor league players were suspended during this offseason.

Of more immediate concern, especially in terms of a player that the Rays could have had interest in, is the mention of Jordan Norberto. A free agent relief pitcher after being released by the A’s, Norberto may be someone that the Rays look at as they attempt to shore up their relief corps. If Norberto is suspended, it may be possible that the Rays still have interest in him, albeit for a role next year, as the proposed 100 game ban would wipe out the rest of the 2013 season.

The entire baseball world is waiting to see which other players will be named, and what type of punishments will be handed down in regards to the BioGenesis scandal. At this point, since not every player has been named, every team may be feeling a bit of trepidation as they await further details. Given the frequency in which the Rays have had minor leaguers suspended under the Major League Baseball drug policy, it may be fair to wonder if they are a bit more concerned than some other teams at this point.