Are Luke Scott’s Days With the Rays Numbered?

By David Hill

Wil Myers is coming. This was a given even before his hot streak for the Durham Bulls; it was just a matter of when he would find himself on the Rays major league roster. Now, it seems that his expected callup could come any day now.

Before, we had speculated here as to who may find themselves on the outside once Myers finally receives that call. Each possible candidate has reasons as to why they should stay on the roster, but with each passing at bat, the player that may find themselves off the roster appears to be a bit clearer.

What Luke Scott is supposed to provide the Rays is another power bat in the lineup, someone that could potentially hit a key home run in the midst of the Rays batting order. Yet, he really has not provided the Rays with much production as of late.  After starting off the season with an injury to with a calf injury, he had a nice start to the 2013 season. Through his first 20 games, Scott put together a .291/.414/.473 batting line, with three home runs and 14 RBIs, as he appeared as though he may actually be that piece in the lineup that the Rays hoped he would be last year.

Yet, over the last fifteen games, Scott has been in the midst of a rough stretch. Since May 24th, he has only hit at a .135/.207/.192 rate, with six RBIs and two extra base hits. His plate discipline, which had been solid over his first 20 games, has deteriorated, with only four walks and 15 strikeouts over his last 58 plate appearances.

Another strike against Scott is his virtual inability to play in the field. Since 2011, he has made a total of eight appearances at a position other than designated hitter, with seven appearances at first and one in left. Of those eight, six of those appearances came last year. Essentially, Scott is on the roster to hit, and to hit only. Only problem is, he really has not done that for most of the time he has been a member of the Rays.

Despite Luke Scott having a larger contract than other potential candidates to be released once Wil Myers is called up, he makes the most sense. The countdown to Myers’ arrival may also serve as the countdown on Scott’s time as a member of the Rays.