Rays Roundup: Evan Longoria Dealing With Injury, Ballpark Fare

By David Hill

The Rays offense has been clicking for much of the year, and a big part of that is the presence of Evan Longoria. So far this season, he has been the only Ray to start each game. However, he has been the Rays designated hitter for the past two games, as he has been dealing with a painful bout of Plantar fasciitis in his right foot.

Longoria mentioned that it had been bothering him for the past couple of weeks, but he has been able to play through the pain.

"“It kind of gets to the point where I don’t really feel like I’m doing any good to go out there and run on it,” Longoria said. “It’s something I haven’t dealt with before, and it’s pretty painful. It’s kind of a weird deal, but it’s not going to keep me off the field.”"

It’s possible that Longoria continues to be the Rays designated hitter through the rest of the series with the Royals as they try to keep the injury from getting any worse. Hopefully, it is able to heal through rest and not having Longoria in the field, as he may be the key to the entire lineup. With the Rays still hanging around in the competitive AL East, losing Longoria for any length of time would be a serious blow.

Moving to the minor leagues, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was named one of the top vegetarian friendly ballparks in terms of dining fare by PETA. DBAP has now made the list in each of the past seven years that PETA has been rating the ballparks. In addition to traditional ballpark fare, the Bulls offer such options as black bean veggie burgers to veggie (not chicken) nuggets and hearty tofu burritos, and have expanded their menu each year. As more people look for healthier diets and vegetarianism and veganism become more prevalent, ballparks may need to adapt in order to draw more money in through their concession stands. Right now, the Bulls appear to have been ahead of the curve.